Picture of QDI-RFBDC-1800

QDI-RFBDC-1800 is a low cost Block-Down Converter

Picture of QDI-RFBPF-1350L

QDI-RFBPF-1350L is a LTCC 700 - 2000MHz Band Pass Filter

Picture of QDI-RFFPS-100-6

QDI-RFFPS-100-6 is a wideband frequency divider

Picture of QDI-RFHPA-900

QDI-RFHPA-900 is a 10W output RF Power Amplifier

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Quantum-RF.com is a young high-tech engineering firm developing beyond next generation innovative wireless communication and networking solutions for commercial and government applications. We are committed to enhancing future communication capabilities.

We are a team of talented engineers with an entrepreneurial spirit focused on development of advanced wireless and communications technology solutions. Our seasoned team brings both academic and industry experience to the table for our customers enabling us to provide the right solution at the right time.

Quantum-RF.com can assist your organization in meeting specific project, program, and sub-contracting goals:

1) Customized Solutions

Our niche solutions are critical to our customers who need tailored, specific expertise and custom solution delivery. We do not provide a "one-size fits all" generic consulting approach.

The end result is high-value delivery exactly where and when you need it.

2) Programmatic View

Our team focuses on delivery of technology systems, not just a piece of hardware or specific software code. From system level to 30,000 foot view, we deliver solutions that complement the entire program or system providing value to all stakeholders while reducing implementation issues and costs.

3) Cost Savings

Our custom R&D provides organizations with results without the long-term drain on internal resources and capital.

Our customers leverage our expertise by targeting specific programs or applications where technology enhancements can provide the best results. This provides better utilization of project or programmatic IR&D dollars.